Honesty is the Best Policy

- Benjamin Franklin

So Why China?

China is becoming a leader in sustainability, leaving west far behind in some aspects when it comes to environmental sustainability initiatives such as clean energy production and recycled fabric manufacturing. However, we know that this process has a higher carbon footprint due to the large shipping distances. To offset the emissions of manufacturing and delivering from China, we partner with @vitaireland to ensure Fianna is a carbon-neutral brand!

We've built a great relationship with our manufacturers in China. We've been assured that the workers are treated well and have good working conditions. Unfortunately, our current manufacturers aren't audited for labour practices. As we scale, we aim to work with audited manufacturers that are closer to home. This will have both a positive environmental benefit and allow us to visit the factory 😊

Vita Carbon Offset

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Fianna. We understand that it's not enough to just use sustainable fabrics. This is why we have partnered with Vita, an Irish charity organisation who invest in initiatives that offset the emissions we've created during manufacturing and shipping.

Each year we measure our carbon footprint and buy credits from Vita. These credits contribute to a large number of projects that help support famers and communities in Africa.

We want our customers to feel proud to wear Fianna, and that's why we'll do anything and everything we can to create a product with the smallest possible footprint.

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