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Sustainable & Ethical

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Anam Collection


Recycled Materials Made with 100% Global Recycle Standard certified materials.
Carbon Neutral 100% Carbon offset with Vita Ireland.

One Tree Planted per Product
Planting one tree per product thanks to One Tree Planted.


Working conditions and living wages Working with a manufacturer that is a member of the Fair Wear foundation and is regularly audited for social responsibility. Factory Location: Bangladesh

Thrive Collection

Made with up to 86% recycled materials, 100% Carbon offset with Vita Ireland, each product plants one tree thanks to One Tree Planted. The Thrive Collection was manufactured in a non audited factory in China. Although the manufacturers ensured us of good factory working conditions and pay, through community feedback and our own learning we later committed to only work with manufacturers audited for social responsibility and working conditions. For this reason we won’t be restocking the Thrive Collection and are only selling existing stock.