Fianna's Full Cycle Program

Fianna's Full Cycle Program is a special initiative that let's you easily send your unwanted, unloved or unused clothes to us where we will happily sort and donate them to Liberty.


1. Get your awesome new sustainable Fianna clothes delivered to your door when you make an order.

2. Pack the clothes you would like to donate into a box. Remember, the clothes need to be in good wearable condition. Pro tip! Send your donation in box used in your Fianna order for extra Sustainability brownie points.

3. Contact Fianna where we will give you our mailing address.

4. Mail the box to Fianna.

Remember ...

Take a photo of your donation and send or tag the photo to @wearfianna on Instagram or email us at to get featured on our social media pages.

Feel good that you've just done your act of random kindness for the day! 🤙