Liberty Recycling

Who are Liberty Recycling?
Liberty Recycling is a textiles recycling social enterprise that aims to provide people affected by drugs with the stability, work experience, skills and confidence needed to move into mainstream employment, training and further education, all within a supportive work environment.

What happens to my clothes when I donate them to Liberty?

Liberty collects, sorts, grades and packs used clothing for reuse in clothes markets in developing countries, and for sale in our charity shops.

How can I donate my clothes?

You can either drop your clothes to any of Liberty’s stores or clothes banks located nationwide in Ireland. Alternatively, you can send you recycled clothes to us and which we will deliver to Liberty on a monthly basis. 

What is Liberty Rehabilitation program?

Each year participants gain certified training awards in subjects as diverse as Forklift driving, QQ1 accredited Computer Applications and Maths, Literacy, First Aid and Sage Payroll.

Liberty Recycling aims to progress people drug free into mainstream opportunities.

Training takes the form of practical on-the-job instruction, and formal accredited training.

In 2010 the rehabilitation programme was restructured to provide a more recovery based model enabling people to reduce and eliminate their medication over time.

Liberty Recycling aims to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for people with the rehabilitation support needed to remain free of illicit drug use and the opportunity to work towards a drug/alcohol free lifestyle including detoxification from methadone and benzodiazepines. The use of a therapeutic workplace to enhance recovery and develop learning with skill acquisition, is an innovative strategy.

Liberty sounds awesome! How can I support Liberty?

The easiest way to help and support Liberty is to donate your clothes. To help spread and share awareness, when you donate your clothes take a photo, tag Fianna and use the hashtag #[hashtag] to claim a 10 euro discount for Fianna.