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Who We Are
Team Fianna

Who We Are

Fianna is the sustainable clothing brand for everyone on an adventure for an active green lifestyle.

Our mission is to champion the shift to a sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

We were inspired by the courageous stories of Fianna, a group of heroes from Irish Mythology, to break industry norms and help us write the next chapter in how we protect the environment.

Our Core Values

Running a business can be complicated at times and things can fall through the cracks, but these are the fives things we will never compromise on.

Sustainability - the heart of everything we do at Fianna.

Ethicality - working with manufacturers that have a safe and healthy work environment. 

Affordability - removing the cost barrier for sustainable clothing.

Transparency - it's important for us to tell you about what we do well and more important to tell you about where we can do better.

Community - building a community of like minded people who want to pave the way forward for real change.