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Who We Are
Team Fianna
Fianna Story

Fianna is a no excuses sustainable and ethical activewear brand for everyone wanting to live an active lifestyle, putting people and the planet first!

What Does ‘No Excuses’ Mean?

We’re laser focused on doing what is really right which means no shortcuts, no green-washing, no BS. We want you to be proud to wear Fianna knowing that you are helping make a difference for people and the environment. 

How Did We Start?

Fianna was founded in May 2021 by three friends based in Dublin (Conor, Eoin, and other Conor) passionate about being active with a dream of creating a brand that could be a positive influence in the world.

Since then we’ve been on a journey to create a brand that at its core values people and the planet by putting them first and making it our mission to champion the shift to a sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

We do this by ensuring that all our activewear is made ethically, where workers are treated humanely, paid fairly and feel empowered in their jobs. Also, all fabrics used are recycled, reducing their impact on the environment. To compensate for our carbon footprint we use carbon credits to offset any emissions the supply chain process generates. Did I mention we also plant one tree per item sold too? 🌲

Our Core Values

Running a business can be complicated at times and things can fall through the cracks, but these are the fives things we will never compromise on.

Sustainability - the heart of everything we do at Fianna.

Ethicality - working with manufacturers that have a safe and healthy work environment. 

Affordability - removing the cost barrier for sustainable clothing.

Transparency - it's important for us to tell you about what we do well and more important to tell you about where we can do better.

Community - building a community of like minded people who want to pave the way forward for real change.

What is Fianna?

The legend of Fianna (Fee-Uh-Na) is an ancient one whose origins began in prehistoric Ireland. The stories tell of a fierce band of warriors that roamed ancient Ireland. Many great Irish heroes were members of Fianna such as Fionn Mac Cumbaill where the stories say he built Giants Causeway and the famous Oisin of Tir na nOg. Inspired by the courageous stories of the Fianna we too wanted to create a new story that will too last the age of time.

Today we need a new kind of Fianna warrior, a warrior willing to fight the fast fashion giants and lead the charge with meaningful actions that will help champion the shift to a fashion industry that is more sustainable and ethical! Help us write this next chapter in our story of how we will protect the people and the planet!