Our Sustainable
Fabrics Explained

Our Sustainable Fabrics Explained

How often do you look at your clothes label? What should you look for when choosing sustainable fabrics? These are all great questions to ask yourself no matter if you're a fashionista, fashion minimalist, clothing maker or retailer as each fabric can impact our environment differently.

To help out, our team has listed the sustainable fabrics we use in Fianna's sustainable activewear. Read on!

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Recycled Polyester (RPET)

RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or recycled PET. This versatile fabric is created by breaking down discarded plastics often found in our oceans and recycling them into textiles and clothing.

Recycled Cotton

Recycled Cotton is textile that is created by using old cotton clothing and textiles which are blended into a new cotton fabric.

But cotton is a natural fibre which means it's sustainable right?

Naturally grown cotton might seem sustainable but unfortunately the truth is far from it! Virgin cotton requires a high volume of water to grow, in addition to this, cotton farmers often use fertilisers and pesticides that are harmful to the environment and are often times even to the farmers spraying the chemicals onto the cotton.